An excellence in the production of cured ham
From the union of two historic companies of Modena

BP CRUDI D'ITALIA is part of the Suincom Group and was founded in 2009 by the union of two historic companies active in the processing and sale of cured hams, whose markets and brands, PANINI and BALUGANI, have been strengthened. In 2018 the company CRUDI D'ITALIA was also acquired, thus completing the current corporate structure.

Thanks to the integrated product chain created by the Suincom Group, BP is able to dispose of a large quantity and quality of cured hams; in fact, the production process begins in the parent company Suincom S.p.A. of Solignano di Castelvetro (Modena), through the selection of the best pork legs from the most important European slaughterhouses and is completed in the modern Royal Prosciutti S.r.l. of Sala Baganza (Parma) with the curing, deboning and packaging of the ham ready to be sold.

The Suincom Group processes 150,000 hams per week, for a total of 80 million kg, produces 1 million hams per year in the Royal Prosciutti plant alone, which also has a deboning capacity of 7,000 hams per day; in this context, BP is able to present itself on the market, guaranteeing strength and safety to its customers.

Through careful control of the supply chain, in fact, BP CRUDI D'ITALIA is able to guarantee the quantity and quality of its product, from fresh pork leg to cured ham ready to be offered to the final consumer, offering a variety of cuts and packaging that are suitable for every request: from bone-in ham, to boneless entire one, in slices, to the catering “brick” (“mattonella”) to that for industrial slicing, up to the sliced ham ready to eat. Today BP CRUDI D'ITALIA counts among its final customers the large-scale retail trade, both national and international, wholesalers and the main world importers.

The high levels achieved in terms of success and customer appreciation have been possible not only thanks to the great production and commercial strength, but also to the Group's important investment in the quality system and the achievement of IFS, BRC, QS certifications. Thanks to these high standards, BP CRUDI D'ITALIA can export all over the world; in Europe, Asia, Central and South America, the United States, Canada and South Africa.